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Would you like to discover villages with character? Well-kept or hidden secrets? Village guides offer to take you on tours to allow you to experience the exciting history of their municipalities, both big and small.

Architecture, environment, events, gastronomy, traditions, etc. Come and discover the rich heritage of the villages of French Flanders accompanied by village guides who are ready to go with you on tours and allow you to experience the exciting history of their villages, both big and small. There are 20 ‘heritage villages’ to discover.



A small village nestling in a valley between three mountains, Berthen offers ramblers a rural landscape whatever the season.
There’s plenty to attract visitors, including an abbey at Mont des Cats and hop gardens.

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An authentic village in the Hills of French Flanders, Boeschèpe and its church (15th – 16th centuries) were the scenes of tragic historical
events: religious disturbances in the 16th century, the 1906 Church Inventory tragedy. The Ondankmeulen (Thankless Windmill) is the
symbol of its rich cultural heritage, rich too for its many chapels, hop fields and places dedicated to traditional games.

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The lowlands of Brouckerque, located in Maritime Flanders, used to be marshland. Surrounded by waterways and watergangs (ditches for
draining purposes), the buildings are typical of this part of Flanders.

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Washed by the Yser River, Esquelbecq boasts some remarkable architecture. The main square, known as the Grand’ place, features some
amazing architecture, with a 17th century castle and its grounds, a church with a bell-tower and other noteworthy houses. Esquelbecq is also a «Village du Livre» (Book Village), the only one north of Paris, with a host of bouquinistes, or second-hand booksellers, trading all year round.

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Godewaersvelde lies at the foot of the Mont des Cats and its renowned abbey. The brisk post-war economy, buoyed by the nearby border, produced a rich, diverse heritage in the shape of the former railway station, the hop market, breweries, etc. The Musée de la Vie frontalière (Border Life Museum) and estaminets also replicate the atmosphere of these bygone days.

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Herzeele beckons ramblers in to discover its history via the altarpieces and listed furniture in its church, chapels both private and public, restored houses in shimmering hues and the Mortier organs which definitely deserve close scrutiny. The village enjoyed prosperity in the 20th century with the manufacture of bricks.

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With its border, rivers and special history, Houtkerque takes you back to a not so distant past. The village has held on to its farming identity, with the hedges it is named after (hout = wood, kerk = church).

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While its striking church is visible from afar, few people really know the discreet Flemish village of Merris. It was completely destroyed by the end of First World War, so its current aspect is pure Reconstruction style.

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Bearing the name of the stream which runs alongside it, the village was the scene of a battle that brought about the annexation of this
part of Flanders by France during the reign of Louis XIV. Noordpeene is a village that has a lot to show the inquisitive visitor.

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Oxelaëre is a small village on the southern slope of Mont Cassel. An unbeatable view of this hill can be had from its church, endowed with recognised furnishings (altar pieces, organ) and its very typical churchyard (graveyard, hedge of espalier lime trees, rectory).

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Pitgam features some quaint buildings and an atypical aspect, with a huge main square that would not be out of place in a much bigger town. The village is named after the local pond. Pitgam also boasts a 12th century church and a mill that is still in use.

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On the border of French Flanders and Artois, Renescure is the village of towers and turrets. Mansion house, castle and blockhouse bear
witness to its eventful past. In addition, the church has the peculiarity of having been «turned back-to-front» in the2 0th century.

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Tucked away from the busy roads, Rubrouck has a number of remarkable elements: the St. Sylvester’s church and its altar pieces, a castle mound… Today the village is twinned with Mongolia, thanks to the expedition of Brother William to the Mongol Empire (13th century). Moreover, a museum is dedicated to him.

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A small town nestling at the foot of the Mont Noir, Saint-Jans-Cappel is where the famous French writer Marguerite Yourcenar grew up.
Vestiges of the village’s past include the 16th century bell-tower and the former town hall. The village celebrates its past each year
by lighting traditional bonfires on Saint John’s day (24 June).

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The white spire of the Romanesque bell tower (12th century) of Sercus, the smallest « Village Patrimoine© » in the area, catches
the visitor’s eye. Near this church you will find a typical tavern and also thatched cottages and chapels on the surrounding country roads.

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Steenbecque, located near one of the Roman roads which leads from Cassel, is the southern-most village of Inland Flanders. Its position at the foothills in relation to the plain of the River Lys is remarkable; the village owes its name to a «stream» (becque) on a bed of «stones» (steene).

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Straddled along the eastern slope of the Mont des Récollets, Terdeghem is well worth a visit: it has two mills, located on either side of the village, as if keeping watch for the manor. The church of St Martin’s features a Roman bell-tower, in a traditional setting.

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Volckerinckhove, a small village in the Houtland, conserves its authenticity. The hedged farmland has been restored, the farms on fertile land preserved and the smart residences in the village, the partly Romanesque church, the thatched cottages and the windmill revived, the Flemish language promoted. Everything here is a reminder of the old French Flanders.

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On the edge of Maritime and Inland French Flanders, Warhem owes its charm to its old buildings and houses clustered around its church. Its giant perpetuates the memory of Jan Dequidt who, in 1722, brought the potato to French Flanders, well before Parmentier.

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Ancient land of windmills, Zegerscappel, with its rich industrial heritage (former electrical factory, flour mills, breweries, etc.), civil cultural heritage (Orval Manor) and religious cultural heritage (its hallekerke with its two naves), offers the walker beautiful views over Cassel and the Flemish plain.

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