The estaminets


Taverns (estaminets) are inevitable in French Flanders and are friendly places where time seems to stand still. Local beers, typical dishes and traditional games: everything in one place to make you feel at home.

Once defined as ‘gatherings of drinkers and smokers’, taverns remain faithful to their initial purpose: they still bring together a population in search of distraction and authenticity (source J. Messiant).

The true taverns are found here in French Flanders. With an old-fashioned decor from yesteryear, these authentic and typically Flemish meeting places have aged beautifully through the centuries.

French Flanders, with the diversity of its culinary heritage, its characteristic architectural elements, its regional language and festive culture: nothing symbolises its identity better than taverns do!

Time seems to stand still in these places where people are at home, remaking the world as they enjoy a local beer or a dish with an unpronounceable name, and (re)discovering traditional games of yesteryear.

The following is an incomplete list of taverns.

Estaminet “Les Damoiselles”

This tavern is located in a little country lane, so follow the signs closely! It is in an old square farmhouse in an authentic setting, with old stables which still have their racks and brick floors. Musical entertainment on a regular basis and traditional games.


Open Thursday to Sunday.

656 Chemin des Damoiselles - Nieppe
+ 33 (0)3 20 30 62 08 -

Auberge le Saint Erasme

Le Saint-Erasme is one of those typical Flemish taverns. The bricks, wood, tiles, fireplace and the old stove date from 1882. The new owners offer typical cuisine and a menu composed of local ingredients.


Open Wednesday to Sunday.

18 route de Blaringhem 59173 Sercus
+ 33 (0) - -

Estaminet de l’Ancienne Maison Commune

This tavern is located very close to the Belgian border, in an authentic Flemish house. With its black and red shutters and its red brick façade, the old and modern aspects will surprise you.


Open Thursday to Sunday.

80, rue de Bailleul 59270 Saint-Jans-Cappel
+ 33 (0) -

Estaminet ‘Le trou flamand’

Come and discover this concert tavern which used to be the brasserie in the centre of Ledringhem. William will cook a nice home-made meal for you.


Open at midday every day, evenings from Friday to Saturday, closed Wednesday.

2 la place 59470 Ledringhem
+ 33 (0) - 6
Ferme de l’Haghedoorn

‘Haghedoorn’ means ‘hawthorn’ in English. This former enclosure for pigs was transformed into a tavern in 1988 with a typically Flemish decor: imposing bar, various objects and old wood stove. A folk evening is organised every three months.

922 rue de l'Haeghe Doorne 59270 Méteren
+ 33 (0) -

Estaminet ‘Het Kerk Hoek’

If you like good beer, then this will be your favourite place. Sit at the bar or at a table to enjoy some local products in a typical decor. This tavern is part of the Cafés Rando network.

Place Saint Martin 59114 Terdeghem
+ 33 (0) -

Estaminet ‘Het Kasteel’Hof’

The ‘castle inn’ is situated next to the Cassel windmill, and was built on the foundations of the former castle. Come and enjoy the panoramic view of the flat Flemish landscape. Let yourself be pampered by one of the owners who will tell you stories about Flanders. Flemish games are available.

8 rue Saint Nicolas 59670 Cassel
+ 33 (0) -
Estaminet ‘le Bruegel’

In a magnificent house which dates from 1597, with its yellow bricks (Bergues brick) and façade full of flowers, the authentic decor in this tavern will surprise you. Sitting at a large table as they did in the middle ages, you will be served by staff dressed in folklore costumes. A must-see in Bergues!

1 rue du Marché aux Fromages 59380 Bergues
+ 33 (0) -

Brasserie Saint Georges

Situé dans le centre du village, venez déguster des assiettes généreuses

Ouvert le vendredi, samedi et dimanche, midi et soir et jours fériés.
Sur réservation en semaine (minimum 10 personnes).

5 rue de Caestre 59190 Eecke
+ 33 (0)
Au Roi Du Potje Vleesch

Venez déguster des plats flamands et des bières mais aussi composer vos panier garni ,ou encore repartir avec des produits que vous aurez dégusté

Ouvert du mercredi au dimanche midi et soir

31 rue du Mont des Cats - 59270 Godewaersvelde
+ 33 (0)3 74 11 66 32
Estaminet de la Maison Commune

Cet estaminet se trouve à deux pas de la frontière belge. Il a été aménagé dans une maison flamande authentique. Avec ses volets aux couleurs noire et rouge et sa façade en brique rouge, vous serez surpris de l’ancien et du moderne de ce lieu.


Ouvert du jeudi au dimanche

80 rue de Bailleul 59270 Saint Jans Cappel
+ 33 (0) -

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