Do you know Potjevleesch, the feux de la Saint-Jean, or bals folks? These are a few of the Flemish traditions which are still alive here. In French Flanders, we love to meet friends in a tavern to enjoy a local beer, and traditional celebrations play an important role in the life of the municipalities.

In French Flanders, we are not afraid of traditions!

We enjoy meeting up with friends at a typical tavern, a place to relax and have a drink or a simple meal, or even something more elaborate such as Potjevleesch, carbonnade flamande or waterzoï, and play traditional Flemish games.

Let's dance!

Many dancing parties are organised, and are referred to as ‘folk dances’. People dance to traditional Flemish and Celtic music and songs played by folk groups. Costumes are not worn, so come as you are!

Traditions are found in our popular festivals

They are enjoyed as a family and with friends. They are an opportunity to discover old trades, know-how, gastronomy, producers, etc. These festivals have a theme such as wheat, the harvest, bagpipes, the patate feest and many others, etc., often with period costumes. Take note of the dates of these festivals, which may be found in the agenda.


These large figures which dance and walk about during our traditional festivals are truly part of our folklore. They are made mainly of cardboard and wicker, and are usually carried by several people.

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