Flemish Games


Once the emblematic games of taverns, Flemish games with amusing names are now making a comeback. You will be able to play – alone or with others – la grenouille, trou madame or billard Nicolas!

have fun !

Here, in French Flanders you can enjoy a pleasant moment with people playing our board games, most of which are made of wood. These traditional games are available in many taverns. Trou-madame, le jeu de la grenouille, le billon, le billard Nicolas, la table à élastique, l’aérobille, le jeu de marteaux, le culbuto, and many others! It is a chance for the young and the old to put their minds to work!

And if you would like to get some fresh air, you can try pole archery or Flemish bowls. Pole archery is noticeable thanks to the many poles located in some of our Flemish municipalities.

Do you prefer trying Flemish bowls? Many associations will let you join them indoors or outdoors! The game is simple: just throw the ball as close as you can to the jack.

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