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Exhibitions - Fur and feathers
4 march - 9 july 2017
Following the animal painters in Flemish paintings of the 17th century, the museum of Flanders proposes to continue this first animal odyssey with a second exhibition dedicated to the animal in contemporary Belgian creations.
Let yourself be surprised
The cities in French Flanders are surprising! From the ramparts of Bergues to the market square in Cassel, the atmosphere here is like nowhere else. The folk architecture and the impressive belfries will take you through our towns until you get lost.
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7 - 8 July
What is your effect?
Here, we laugh heartily, we have a hearty appetite, and we are easily moved to tears.
Flanders has a big effect on us!

And let us warn you that the effect is contagious! ☺
It's up to you to share your effect!
It's up to you to share your effect !
Interprétez nos effets pour créer vos propres effets ! Prenez-vous en photo pour illustrer un des 7 effets Flandre : Effet n°1 : se laisser conter - Effet n°2 : goûter aux plaisirs - Effet n°3 : Se laisser surprendre - Effet n°4 : Se prendre à rêver - Effet n°5 : Oser se dépasser - Effet n°6 : Se prendre au jeu - Effet n°7 : Écouter mes envies .
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